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Tattoo ink supplies for professional tattoo designing

Ashta Europe would like to offer our range of tattoo ink. From reputed brands like Eternal Inks, we are happy to ensure, you are getting wonderful tattoo supplies for your clients. The Eternal Tatto Ink that is offered at our store is primarily composed of organic pigment, distilled water, witch hazel, alcohol, and is not considered to be a hazardous substance. We offer our clients a range of inks that provide rich, bold, lasting tattoos. Whether you are doing a black-and-grey with crisp dark lines or a full-color radiant design, we provide inks that ensure you get great results. You can rest assured of these tattoo inks being safe to use on your clients for tattooing.

At Ashta Europe we aiming to maintain the best industry standards and hope that the products you buy from us online will always meet your expectations. Browse to see our collection online and find inks of you're choice for you're tattooing business today.