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Infection control products

Infection control products prevents or stops the spread of infections in any beauty salon, parlour or healthcare settings. Our website Ashta Europe offers a collection of infection control product that helps prevent the spread of infections and helps sterilize beauty tools and equipment’s. we offer infection control products like disposable clip cord covers, green soap, sealing machine, manual sealing machine, distilled water machine, sterilization machines to name a few.

We are one of the biggest beauty suppliers in Europe with a mission to offer good quality products with competitive prices to our clients. We have a variety of products are designed to disinfecting any solid, hollow and porous instruments, be they wrapped or unwrapped. In case of metal implements that penetrate the skin, they must be sterilised in an autoclave. This is a standard requirement under the various Health regulations throughout Europe. For that purpose, we offer high quality autoclave machines that can be used by professionals of the industry in their beauty parlour. These machines and equipment’s are quick and effective to sterilize many tools and kill most micro-organisms. Practical, functional and reasonably priced, our products make for a great equipment to improve the quality of your beauty salon business. browse through our product categorise to learn more about each of them. Since our products are sourced from reputed brands you can be rest assured of purchasing quality products from us online. so, visit our site for shopping the best infection control products online for conducting a safe and healthy beauty salon business. 

Featured Products

Distilled water machine
€ 290.00
Manual Sealing Machine
€ 250.00
Autoclave class B standard 12L
€ 2500.00
Sealing Machine
€ 450.00