Accessories for professional hair extensions and hair settings.

Find a range of hair extension accessories here at Ashta Europe to ensure you have everything you would require for hair extension procedure. Currently, we at Ashta Europe are offering accessories like hair crystals, special brush for hair extension, fusion connector, hair extension iron and pre-bond pliers to name a few. With products like these you can easily work on your clients and give them a look that they always wanted.

We store items to help you to apply and remove hair extensions. The range of products that we are offering are sure to be handy for your salon. Have a good look at our collection and find hair extension accessories that you need and we shall get them delivered to you. Made of high quality materials and yet available at a very reasonable price makes them the best choice for you and finally for your clients.

Featured Products

Plastic Protector Tabs
€ 1.00
Special brush for Hair Extensions
€ 12.50
LOOF fusion connector
€ 36.00
U-Shaped Pre-Bond Pliers
€ 19.50
Ultra Sound Hair Extension Iron
€ 200.00
Hair extension iron
€ 44.00