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Beautiful hair jewelljery and accessories for hair makeover 

Add a touch of glamour and style to your hair with beautiful hair jewellery designed to enhance your look. We at Ashta Europe are offering our client’s a collection of hair jewellery which includes hair crystals, golden rose hair pins, dandelion hair pins, and silver flowers to name a few. Our hair accessories will you give you wonderful appearance and finishing touch to the look for that special day. Hair jewellery serves as the perfect accessory to anyone who wants to amp up their beauty quotient. These one of a kind hair jewellery will surely make you feel and look pretty. 

Whether for an everyday wear or preparing special for a bridal shower, wedding, or formal event our hair jewellery is perfect for any occasion and style. With hair jewelleries like the bling crystals, will surely add a little sparkle to your hair. These Swarovski hair crystals come in a number of different colours to accent your hair and to match your wear. Try out these collections of hair jewellery that are reasonably priced and makes for the latest fashion trend. HJ03
Silver flowers Hairpin
Hairpin in form of two sweet silver flowers. Easy to set in and out.

Wonderful decoration for any hairstyle.


Price: 5.60 € (Excl. VAT) HJ04
Dandelion Hairpin (silver color)
Dandelion hairpin with white crystals.

Flower diameter: 2cm


Price: 4.20 € (Excl. VAT) HJ05
Golden Rose Hairpin
Golden rose hairpin with white crystal. Flower made of metallic net material. Gorgeous jewelry for festive hairstyle.

Flower diameter approx. 2 cm

Price / pc

Price: 4.20 € (Excl. VAT) HJ01
Swarowski Bling Crystals
Bling crystals will add a little sparkle to your hair and romantic look. Swarovski hair crystals come in a number of different colors to accent your hair and to match your wear.
Smart design and tool make them very easy to attach to your hair. Just slide a crystal onto the wire tool (comes in package) and pull a hair through the loop and slide the crystal onto the hair - simple and quick! To remove them just slide the crystals off the hair and keep them for another time - you can reuse them again and again. Crystal’s special design leaves the hair undamaged.

Choose your color:

1pc package include:
* 4 pcs one color Swarowski Crystals
* Tool
* Instruction

Price for 1pc package.
Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
Rose 8.00
Aquamarine 8.00
Sapphire 8.00
Peridot 8.00
Fuschia 8.00