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Good eyelash extension Start Kit for beginners

Ashta Europe offers a great Starter Kit perfect for both beginners and professionals of the beauty industry. Our fabulous starter kit includes everything you need for a successful eyelash extension. Here, we collaborate with reputed manufacturers around the world to bring in the best products and the best range for you. We are today a one stop shop for all you're eyelash extension requirement. We bring to you products ranging from multiple-length eyelash extensions to various size individual lashes to premium lash cleanser to eyelash extension glue, eyelash extension glue remover, air blower, eye gel patches, silicon pad, crystal plates, eyelash comb brush, straight tweezer and even curve tweezer in our kit. We offer a different range of kits providing different options to you for you're a requirement.

We bring all of these products together in one place and ship them to you in the quantities you actually require them in your studio. We are one of the best online shops for various cosmetic accessories and eyelash extension Starter kits. Our kit offers all that a beginner would require to grow your business and you're art. We support you in all possible ways to help you improve your business. Today our market is filled with starter kits that are full of products that a lash artist does not need and will not use. However, we at Ashta Europe only offer the essentials in our starter kit to help you become a great lash artist by offering value for money products.

Art.nr: ESK01
Start Kit
Everything you need for one successful Eyelash Extension:
* Multiple-length Eyelash Extensions on tray 1pc
* Individual Lashes 10mm 1pack
* Individual Lashes 12mm 1pack
* Individual Lashes 14mm 1pack
* Premium Lashes Cleanser 1pc
* Eyelash Extension Glue 1pc
* Premium Eyelash Extensions Glue Remover 1pc
* Air Blower 1pc
* Eye Gel Patches 10pcs
* Silicon Pad 1pc
* Crystal Plate 1pc
* Eyelash Comb-Brush 1pc
* Straight Tweezers 1pc
* Curved tweezers 1pc
* Medical tape 1pc

Price: 90.00 € (Excl. VAT)