Digital Permanent MakeUp Unit > Permanent MakeUp Unit “Charmant” II PMDU12
Permanent MakeUp Unit “Charmant” II
Connect line (1pcs)
Power (1pcs)
Operating pen (1pcs)
Operation panel (1pcs)
Non-slip rubber rings ( 3pcs )
Teaching CD ( 1pcs )
User manual ( 1pcs )

- LCD screen
- Slim and light
- Low noise operating unit
- Dual function
- IC processor chips, program-controlled.
- Stable power supply of-PWM method of speed control.
- Precision work to facilitate movement of the needle straight.
- 15 steps speed
- Easy adjustment needle length.
- One-touch speed level conversion.

Machine uses needles:
PNCR05 Cartridge needles HL

Price: 3400.00 € (Excl. VAT)